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As Commission Artists:
Join as Contributors. State your basic commission info in the request.
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There's been an issue here, that the group wouldn't accept the contributors anymore. We don't know the real explanation, but maybe it because there's been too much contributors. So we hope you guys for joining as a member. If you want your commission to be feature on the journal, please note us.
and for the contributor please... note about your commissions' info too.
we're gonna feature your commission for about a week, each commission.

• Only for Commission Artists
• To be used for Advertisement Purposes
• Must include detailed information.
• One Entry Per Week.

• Send a NOTE to the group containing your commission journal and/or thumb.
• Please check that your link and journal are online, otherwise it won't be featured.
• Specify the Note Subject as "Feature Commission" so we don't lose your note between the many.
• Only send ONE note. The other ones will be ignored.
• If the blog entry already came out, you can feature it yourself on the comments of the entry or in the group page.

Please submit your deviations to the Member Gallery folder, thanks!

If you have any queries, please send us a note instead of commenting.

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Newest Members

Check out these commissions, don't miss the opportunity!!

Don't miss the opportunity to commission them!!

_CommissionsFull Body;
Sketch; 5:points:
Colored Sketch; 10:points:
Colored and Lined; 20:points:
Sketch; 3:points:
Colored Sketch; 5:points:
Colored and Lined; 10:points:
All; 5:points:
I can do Animals and Humans, but nothing else please!
Extra characters can be from 5-10:points: depending on the design!

by nagiito

$5 chibi commissions!!! (open)Hello!! GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle This is my first time doing chibi drawing commissions ,now being in college and having to need a good financial support for myself, i took it upon my hands to start doing commissions! I've been thinking about doing commissions ever since i started college and i believe im ready to take the next step! 
Here are the guides to how payment will be: 
If you have paypal , i will give you my email adress for further payment ( since you need it to be able to send money)
If you have other payment options i will be happy to work something out such as mailing money ( i would not recommend because it isn't safe , paypal would be a better option if you have a debit card) 
Chibi slots : 3
Recent chibi artwork
I will sketc

by Alexisrules14

commissions and requests!!! OPEN!!! 
hey this is the official commissions and requests journal! which i know i was supposed to write like a billion years ago... sorry..Racing Girl Emoji (Running Cry) [V2] 
please Read The Information
anyways this is the info on commissions:
all my commissions will not be mature and will be appropriate so if the commission your asking for is too inappropriate than i wouldn't draw it. sorry...Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
you can choose if you want your commission to be drawn from ( the points will vary on how difficult the drawing is)
 shoulder up: 40-60 Points 

by BlackRabbit4327

Point/Paypal commissions (On hold)Art status

FC/OC and character Stickers 40 Points / $0.40

FC/OC Stickers place them on your profile with the thumb code either in a custom box if your a premium member or In your ID if your a regular member either way.
Couple stickers: 60 Points / $0.60



Headshots with background and shading 65 Points / $0.65
Headshots with

by HalfInane-HalfMental

Commission (CLOSED) 
I'm such a noob, there's what we call 'Premium Content/Print' setting...I should have been aware of it soonerOnion Boy 6 (I'll just transfer all my points via that by my other dA account)
So yeah..I am accepting :points: dA points again for payment~!

I am currently in the process of editing my commission price and offers!
Arrow left Here's my Commission Account:
I'll be uploading my newer CommissionID/Info soon! *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 

by MiMiMiLiter

COMMISSION INFOI've decided to get more serious about commissions.
I take US dollars, and Paypal is my preferred method. I will not take Bitcoin, and will not take Points outside of a few exceptions.

Sketch: $10.00
B/W: $25.00
Flat color: $35.00
Full color w/shading: $60.00
DIGITAL PIC OF MULTIPLE CHARACTERS(minimum 2 characters. For every character extra, please add five dollars)

Sketch: $15.00
B/W: $30.00
Flat Color: $45.00
Full color w/ shading: $70.00

B/W: $35.00
Full color: $60.00
Avatars: $5.00 
Single sprite (50x50): $2.00
Sprite sheet: $10.00
Image (100x100): $25.00
Stamps: $5.00

Pics of couples, Pets, Fursonas, Original characters, Caricatures, T-Shirt Designs, Fan art, Original art, Stamps, Logos, Game art(including fangames)

by Bongwater-bandit

COMMISSION LIST ( OPEN ) + NEW commissions1Chibi ; 15 USD

*Extra charges will be made for characters with complicated design ( Charged according to difficulty )
*Extra characters will be charged another 15 USD
*Simple backgrounds will not be charged , detailed backgrounds will be charged according to difficulty
Slots ; 
Sample ;

1 Bust-sketch ( Simple coloring ) ; 15 USD
Slots ;
Samples ; N/A

1 Thigh up ; 25 USD 

*Extra charges will be made for characters with complicated design ( Charged according to difficulty )
*Extra characters will be charged another 25 USD
*Simple backgrounds will not be charged , detailed backgrounds will be charged according to difficulty
Slots Available:
Sample ;

by X1-0N

Commissions prices :DOpen committees!!!!!!!

-Single face: ($ 9 USD)-Medium body: ($ 11 USD)-Full body ($ 13 USD)-Pose dynamic ($ 15 USD) (labor costs me XD)
-Normal vectors: ($ 15 USD)-Complex vectors: ($ 20 USD)
background work:
-Simple background minimalist plasta (its'free !!!!!)-Simple background ($ 4 USD)-Normal background ($ 10 USD)-Detailed background ($ 16 USD)-Background without character- more complex- ($ 18 USD)
-Extra character ($ 4 USD)-Extra character with dynamic pose ($ 6 USD)-Stage at length with various characters ($ 40 USD)
With plain colored ask to quote
All Illustrations are with color unless b/w can ask.
Rules :0
-Work On traditional methods is more expensive and depends on the project and the material.He accepted points if the project is less than ($ 15 USD), if it exceeds ($ 15 USD) on

by VIND7

PayPal commissions !! OPEN !!  have a look !
by ooNerina

Commissions: Open [3/4]Saving for moving out and stuff and basically for eating and breathing.
If what you want is not listed, feel free to ask! ( ' v ' )
✂- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

C O M M I S S I O N E R S   W I L L  B E   L I S T E D   I N   T H E   C O M M I S S I O N   W I D G E T   I N   T H E   F R O N T   P A G E !

[Slots: 4]
Taken: 2
Waiting for payment: 1
Thank you so much for commissioning me  :iconpapcryplz: :iconpapcryplz: :iconpapcryplz:
  Send me a note with the title "Commission" with this form if you're interested! 
 Paypal & e-mail: Specify if you will use Paypal or Points, please!
 Type of

by brise-fer

CommissionsSo, because I'm so fuckin' bored, I took commissions. 
If you want me to do anything, then note me! I'll have it up eventually!
PRICES? Glad you asked!
10pts for a normal animatronic head.
Er... No examples here! Ok, then. It's just a normal animatronic head! For OCs that aren't Withered or anything
20pts for a full body Normal or Toy Animatronic

Like that! I'll do your not Withered or Toy animatronic's full body
30pts for a Slighty Withered animatronic
OCs or animatronics resembling FNAF2 Withered animatronics. They're broken, but not as much as next point on the list (no more examples, after that up there)
40pts for a Detailed Withered or Nightmare Animatronic head
Detailed withered characters are detailed like Springtrap and the Nightmares!
45 for Abomination head
I'll turn what you want into a hellbeast the likes of my FNaF5 Pictures!
60pts, lastly, for a detailed animatronic full body
These cost this much because of the details. An animatronic, w

by FreddleFrooby

Commissions Info [OPEN]UPD: Added some basic point commission types on my front page for clarity. Note me before paying.
I will be updating the same journal everytime I change smth so don't be confused with the journal creation date :XD: If the journal says 'OPEN' you can commission me without asking this thing c:
Information i need from your commission note:
1. Commission type
You can check types below.
2. Background
None / simple / complex.
3. Payment method
I'll tell you my email in case of paypal. Follow this instructions to send payment:

You will also need to pay for fee. I'll tell you the exact amount to send. And you can also check it here.
(big thanks to :devZen

by m0queur

OPEN COMMISSION                               .*- O P E N -*.

Hello everyone,
To train my drawing skill I like to open commission in DA, so please feel free to make commission with me^^ I will try my best to make you satisfied with it.
*sorry if my English is bad.
~open commission~
 For Original character, please give me some detail and example picture. If you don't want the finish artwork to be posted on my DA gallery, please tell me as well otherwise I assume that you don't mind it posted. !!!! My paper size default will be 1200x1400pxl and for kerons drawing 800x800pxl (you can change it if you wish *free size)  *EDIT 11/04/15


Line art (black white)  16 $
/every extra character is 3 $
Drawing with no background 18 $ /

by pianno-ribbon

[Open] Anime Style Commission*Update*
Start from December 1st 2015 there will be a price change, the change won't be too much but it will help me to draw faster and better. Thank you very much for your support ^^

Hello, I'm opening a Anime/Manga style commission for anyone who is interested. The details of pricing and example of commission works that I've done until now :
- Lineart : 5 USD
- Color Half Body : 7 USD
 - Color Full Body : 9 USD (Extra simple background for free)

by bramhistory

Commission [OPEN] 

(the half-body type is not on the list but , obviously , I can do this as well. Please Note me ^^)

by Avasariah

If you've ever wanted to see what your 2D character would look like in 3D, now is your chance! Whether the character is human, animal, robot, alien, or anything in between, I'll turn your concept art into a 3D model. You can then ask for either a rendered image of the posed model or a fixed pose sculpt, suitable for 3D printing.
For now I'm only accepting original characters, but in the future I may have a list of acceptable IPs (once I figure out which companies seem to be okay with commissioned fan-art).
I'm also not accepting NSFW requests. I have nothing against people who do it, I just want to keep my gallery at a PG rating.
Below you'll find my price ranges, delivery estimates and examples for the different categories (the final cost may be more than the estimate if your character has more detail than the average, such as complex textures or a lot of accessories).
Simple character = $25~$50+
(Characters with simple

by leojones

I am open for commissions!
Digital Painting:
10$ (paypal) or 1000 pointsany Character you want (Orginal Characters, Fanart,...)
*OC: be sure to have clear references or description.

Lineart (optional with basic colors):
5$ (paypal) or 500 pointsImage size: 2480x3508 pixels, 300 dpi any Character you want (Orginal Characters, Fanart,...)
*OC: be sure to have clear references or description.

$15 (paypal) or 1500 points.Image size: 2480x3508 pixels, 300 dpiI will paint any Character you want (Orginal Characters, Fanart,...)
*OC: be sure to have clear references or description.

by ersen-t

Commissions are open!:iconcommissionsopen:
Hi Guys, I want to go to the next step and I open comissions. I love drawing and painting and I love to put every detail on my works.

Important Notes.
Highly detailed artworks have special prices.Artworks are delivered in a week.

by Kabaldesignart

COMMISSIONS [OPEN]Hello one and all! This is a journal listing my commissions and their prices. I only accept points, but please use the commission section of my profile to pay for them. Otherwise the commission will not be done and your points will be refunded.
Werewolf Pictures and TF art
   - 330 points

Waist up
  -  150 points

Pokémon Sprites
60 points
Full body Picture
Dragoness by xXCloneyXx 
300 points
I will happily answer any

by xXCloneyXx

To get featured:

If you want to get featured in here, please send a Note to the group with the subject Feature Commissions containing your commission journal link and/or thumb.
Please, be aware that we are only featuring Commissions Journals, Commissions ID's or anything that is under the /art/ section won't be featured.

Thank you so much and see you next week!
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Привет я открываю комиссий, цены начиная цены от $ 6 / представление, и вы можете задать вопросы здесь ->…

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Simple headshot commissions open!
$5 each
Payment via Paypal…
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COMMISSSIOOONS OPEEEENN!!!! ( sample) by Annonfish
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Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] ! I've open traditional commissions. If you want to give something for Christmas and do not know what, this is your chance to give something original. We can talk about sending originals and negociate a price Neko-Emoji-01 [V1] 

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im going pay what you want commissions!
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 Sale! Sale! Sale! 
I will be glad to draw for you 
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I currently am in need for emergency commissions to pay off 300 speeding ticket

If anyone can spare anything, that would be very nice. Commission Pile by hopelessromantic721 Anything would be very helpful. Things are very tight ;n;
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$5-$30 commissions are open ;v;…
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